FKS Activities

FKS Activities

At FKS we celebrate life in all its nuances. No matter what the religion, caste, creed or economic background, we encourage the feeling of oneness of humanity and use every opportunity to bring out the joy of childhood and innocence. As we give thanks for our blessings, we encourage our children to think of the less fortunate and share some of their blessings.

Here are some of the activities our children participate in, with enthusiasm that could rival the largest cricket stadiums. Every show is in fact a showcase of more than the pride and talents – we see teamwork, organisational skills, time management skills, and above all the pride of participation.

Annual Charity Show

Began in 2001 and not missed a single year since then. The proceeds of the shows are given to organizations identified by our Board, and they include:

  • The Child
  • Nellore
  • Anurag Human Resources
  • Tolichowki
  • Child Aid Foundation

Rosie’s School

This is a special event, where the students of the Grade 11 teach the students of Rosie’s School for a day. They also run to raise funds for the kids of the weaker section of society.

Sports Day

Held Annually in the month of December, what began as a half-day affair with a few events, is now a weeklong celebration of health, fitness, and sportsmanship.

The events are split into different sports and games, with age and class-wise distinction.

Independence Day

Getting in the patriotic spirit, we celebrate our independence and remember the great souls that gave us our freedom to cherish and nourish.


Bazaar of Hyderabad: True colours from the heartland. The arts and crafts of Hyderabad are made and exhibited at colorful booths.


The riot of colours all across the school campus with the background music of laughter and chuckles brings smiles to the sternest of faces.


The festival of lights is celebrated with style, arts and crafts. Of course it is not really Diwali without the burst of noisy, sparkly crackers.


All students and teachers share their meal and get set to sing and dance the Dandia or Garba. The students then perform the aarti for the deities.

Children’s Day

An important day in an Indian school student’s life is Children’s Day or Chacha Nehru’s birthday. Children perform skits and dances and remember our first Prime Minister with fondness.


Children volunteer to run the Marathon for a specified distance for a specific cause. Students who choose not to run, volunteer at water stops and with refreshments.

Ganesh Chathurthi

Everyone’s favourite – Ganesha – the elephant headed God watches benevolently as children join their hands in innocent devotion, and tell his stories. This is an exciting time for students as they make their own representation of Ganesha, exploring different materials and mediums.

Theme Saturdays

Saturdays are special days as children follow a certain theme and get to prepare for it the week before and exhibit their results on Saturdays. For example on Mask Day, little artists display big skills with masks that are created out of uninhibited imagination. A colorful display of masks at the end of the day, give the children an opportunity to choose their favourites.