What is FKS

At FKS our mission is to create an environment of curiosity, teamwork and responsibility for students, by encouraging them to unearth their talents and use them to the best of their ability.

About Us

Where would you see a child frown, yet be happy at the same time? Where would you find a student making healthy choices for lunch? Where would you see little hands writing out their own future?

Presenting FKS, where children are schooled for life. The lessons they learn here, the experiences they pick up, the relationships they forge stay with them as they move on to bigger, wider, and more challenging arenas. Because FKS emphasizes the most important life lessons: to be independent, to be responsible, and above all, to dream the impossible dream. In turn, we consider it our duty to provide them the support and skills to achieve that dream.

After all, the school did start as a dream, which turned into a happy reality. Shailaja Rao, the founder and Principal began FKS to graduate solid, world citizens. She started a school where kids could be kids, where parents and teachers were only instruments in helping children realize their full potential. In good times and bad, in tough times and easy, at work and play, students would be taught and then encouraged to seek and find solutions that they could own. Teachers and parents would only be the support network, not even ‘behind-the-scenes-doers’. FKS was, is and will always be the school that puts students first. And no one understands and appreciates that more than the students themselves. In their own words, with their own thoughts, read here what our students, past and present have to say about FKS.

FKS Vision

To encourage self-sufficiency and thought-leadership and be able to make the right choices in life’s challenges.

To enhance the best qualities in each child and help them understand their inner strengths to achieve their personal goals and that of their peers.

To ensure that every child who passes through the portals of FKS will take their next step in education as strong, responsible, honest, caring and contributing students.

Our Background

FKS was founded in 1997, in Hyderabad by Shailaja Rao, with 20 students on a 4,000sft rented space with one teacher and five support staff. The school grew to 560 students, 65 teachers and 55 support staff in 2005, and today stands proud with over one thousand students on a three-acre facility comprising four buildings, a kitchen, and 16 school buses.

The FKS philosophy of “child first” has stood us through some tough times, a simple fact that many educational institutions profess to follow, but few succeed. The Principal and the Board of Directors firmly believe that the success of the outgoing students and the satisfaction of the parents will further strengthen the FKS motto of “child-centric” education.

Every step that Shailaja Rao and her Board take in ensuring that FKS students and their needs come first, result in each student feeling that he or she is the recipient of individual attention.