Who is FKS

Shailaja Rao

Founder, Principal

Shailaja Rao is first and last a teacher at heart. Her love with teaching that began in 1987 as a nursery school teacher never waned in her checkered career graph. Shailaja is a Post Graduate in Child Development from Nagpur University. She went from being Lecturer in Child Development & Psychology at Vizag’s St Joseph’s College for Women to begin Senior Teacher at a Computer firm in the Gulf. Having experienced the open and spontaneous teaching style in schools overseas, she was inspired to start living her dream. And thus was born FKS, or The Future Kid’s School in the February of 1997.

Shailaja is happiest when interacting with her students. Her energy is infectious and children and grownups alike get caught up with her unstoppable enthusiasm. She is constantly in search of newer and more efficient ideas to show her children that the world is a place of great excitement and that challenges are in fact opportunities in disguise. She works 24 hours a day and wishes for a few more. She is a person of many talents: organizer, lateral thinker, mathematician, musician, and artist. For Shailaja, there’s no mountain too big to climb and no ocean too deep to cross. And there’s always a tomorrow to look forward to.

Mrs. Leela Rao

Walk into the kitchen, and along with the aromatic smells, a warm, welcoming smile greets you. Bustling around with an efficient bunch of helpers, Mrs. Rao – “Amma” or Ammamma” as she is affectionately called, at 71 will stump you with enthusiasm of a much younger person. Although she has her figurative plate full with menus and nutrition and age groups and stocking the pantry, she’s always on the lookout for newer ideas to make her kitchen healthier and happier. She keeps an open kitchen and an open mind – students are constantly consulted to get more ideas on designing the menu.


This young lady is very friendly, passionate and a dependable person, and gets along famously with teenagers. Great at her job, big at heart and a dependable head on the shoulders, she is great fun to be with.

Grades 8 -11: Chemistry


This young and dynamic lady is quick and lively at work. She is dependable and good with children. Her ability to take things in her stride and work on herself with openness and optimism is commendable. She is sharp, quick and has the ability to step forward when the need arises.

Grade 6: History, Grades 8, 9 & 10: Assisting in English


He loves basketball and shares his love for the game with both young and old. Enthusiastic and passionate, he inspires his students to love and respect sports and fitness, and give their best to every tournament they participate in. He motivates and encourages students and considers their well-being his responsibility.

Physical Trainer, Basket Ball coach & Head of the Sports Department


Asmaa is a hardworking and enthusiastic person who always is cheerful. She is always there to lend a hand to anyone in need of help. She has the uncanny ability to see the world from a child’s perspective and yet give them the guidance they so need.

Grade 2: Environmental Science


There’s always a smile on her face. Enough to bring cheer to a roomful of people. From being an assistant teacher Banasree has risen to become a dependable coordinator, teammate and a colleague. She is flexible and understanding and handles her classes with efficiency and sensitivity. She is admired for who she is and how she constantly reinvents herself.

Bhavani aunty

One of the kindest people on FKS campus, Bhavani aunty sees with her heart. Young and old, there’s no one that has not felt her compassion. Bhavani is a seasoned hand who has given of herself to FKS unconditionally. She is someone everyone turns to when in need of a shoulder for support – and we know she’ll always be there for us.


She is serene, graceful, dependable, observant and trustworthy. She has a special ability to understand people and students and touches everyone with her gentle and thoughtful ways.

Grades 5, 6 & 7: Geography


Gayatri is dedicated, trustworthy and sincere, ensuring that any job at hand is done only to the very best of her ability. A warm hearted and good person, being nice comes effortless to her.

Grades 3 & 4: Hindi


She is best described as “a multi-faceted personality with a heart of gold”. Her classes are fun and inventive because she creates an atmosphere just right for learning.

Grade 3 & 4: English Literature

Inna Reddy

This balanced, humorous and well informed gentleman is a quiet observer who always has been a great support. His authoritative nature comes with a healthy dollop of humour and fun. Inna Reddy sir has a deep understanding of humans and is by your side solid as a rock when trouble hits. A great friend indeed!

Grades 6 -10: Telugu


Sincere and helpful, Jhansi is comfortable with any age group, and at hand to work with the students at all times. She knows just how much to hand-hold, and how much to let go, an admirable quality indeed. Her contribution and support is immense and she continues to work with the same commitment as she did when she joined us.


This pillar of strength is practical and large hearted. Her strength lies in her ability to look at a situation in its totality and work out solutions which are in sync with the school’s ideology but garnished with practicality. Lahari is an ‘infectious optimist’ and one can rely on her to motivate, support and help her students achieve their goals. Our team depends on this powerhouse to constantly oil our machinery.

Lalitha Shivamani

She is a gentle, systematic, pleasant and understanding. Passionate about poetry, she is also a friend and mentor to her students, always around when they need support.


Never missing a detail, Latikaa sees the world for what it is, but has managed to retain her charm and cheer. A great mentor, whom the students seek in trying times for support and encouragement. Her keen observations are invaluable to her students, staff and the FKS family.


This iron man, the “ Vasco Da Gama” of Geography is highly knowledgeable, systematic and organized. He is open minded, witty and is an inspiration to all of us. His classes are more than just textbooks and lessons – they are voyages full of eager explorers.

Grades 8-10: Geography


This gentle, dependable, silent worker has the innate ability to help her students realize their inner strengths. This out-of-the box thinker has a “never give up” attitude and motivates children do the same. She is a person who loves maths and makes sure that she inspires the same passion in the kids for the subject.

Grades 3 &4: Mathematics


This approachable, good hearted teacher brings a tireless commitment to work and students. A new entrant to the FKS family, she has already endeared herself to staff and students alike.

Grades 3: English & Science


A lady with a keen eye and a heart of gold, Meena is an invaluable member of the FKS community. She is gentle and kind, but also quick and determined. Her sincerity and resolve to make the most of opportunities has helped her get the best of her students.

Grade 1: English


Charming, lively and a willingness to learn sets this lady apart. She loves her work with children, and is always willing to do what it takes to uphold the ideologies of the organization. She has a zest for life and she loves to grow and evolve as a person and also wants others to grow too. In the years she has proven her mettle, no small wonder that the FKS community happily relies on her.


This energetic, reliable, hardworking young lady loves to be amidst children all the time. She has contributed immensely to the FKS community and brings a fresh new perspective to her job.

Grade 2: Telugu


A quiet and sincere person Neerja is a force to reckon with. After 15 years with FKS she has become an integral part of the FKS family, as a reliable, dependable and stable manager. She is efficient, organized and instills the same virtues in her students too.

Coordinated Grades 1 1, 3 & 2 Telugu


The ability to understand her students in all their myriad moods makes her an important part of the FKS family. This strong pillar of our family is practical, hardworking, enthusiastic and dependable. A highly creative person, she enjoys conjuring up interesting and workable projects out of nothing. She has a deep connection with the ideology of the organization and would leave no stone unturned to make sure that the FKS family stays together and the students get the best out of our efforts.

Grades Playgroup to PP II, Head of Programme Planning, Creative Coordinator


Gentle, kind and sincere, there’s more to Poojita than meets the eye. Her grit, resolve, her ability to perceive the big picture, and a willingness to make a difference to lives around her makes her who she is. Poojitha is always there for the FKS community with her inimitable way of being on top of things without causing a ripple.

Grades 1-8: Computer Applications


Ramaraju has the uncanny ability to see beyond the obvious, and arrive at the crux of the matter with alacrity. An admirable person who can lead by example.

Grades 6 & 7: Physics


Ramu is a spontaneous person with plenty of positive energy around him. Students find it easy to relate to him and look forward to his classes. Quick and perceptive, Ramu is trust worthy and walks the extra mile to ensure his students give their best.

Grades 8-11: Mathematics

Ramu sir

Sir is an anomaly in the sports teachers' league - he is soft spoken, gentle thoughtful and kind. He is patient, reliable and hard working - always ready to go that extra mile to safeguard the interest of the child. He is constantly raising the bar, urging his students to outreach themselves.

Physical Trainer & Karate Coach


This self-made man with his pleasant countenance is a lesson in diligence and patience. He is an ardent music lover and is passionate about his subject, always thirsting for more knowledge.

Head of the Information Technology Department


Ravi is an enthusiastic person who keeps abreast of circumstances around and adapts effortlessly. He is a Maths teacher par excellence and has the amazing ability to make his subject more accessible to his students. He is open to feedback and reinvents himself constantly. He is ever smiling and his students enjoy his classes.

Grades 5- 7: Mathematics


This open minded and enthusiastic teacher is endearing and quick. Her forward thinking, ability to tackle her subject in an engaging manner and her positive thinking sets her apart. Her students always look up to her.

Grades 9&10: History, Economics; Grade11: Economics

Sandhya Minz

This lively, energetic, dependable, out of the box thinker gives her 100%, and is a good leader. She is a good team worker, extremely perceptive and knows how to reach out to people. Her heart and head combined with her ability to make things happen sets her apart.

Grade 4: Social, Grade 5: History, Grades 3 & 4: Creative Writing


He is a sincere, calm gentleman with experience that belies his young age. He is humble and open to new ideas, and is always willing to walk the extra mile.

Grades 8-11: Physics


Our resident environment expert, the first love of his life is mother nature. He has the passion and zeal to help his students understand and respect nature. Young, dynamic walking a less-trodden path as he follows his heart. Sandip stands as a wonderful example to the future of the world.

Grades 5-11: Environmental Studies


Creative, witty and engaging, Sangita is constantly thinking out of the box. Her radiant personality and innate goodness make her both interesting and fun to be with.

Grade 11: English Drama


He is a sincere, calm gentleman with experience that belies his young age. He is humble and open to new ideas, and is always willing to walk the extra mile.

Grades 8-11: Physics


A man of few words Sekhar has the maturity and speaks his mind when required. He is an eternal learner, kind and gentle to everyone. He is trustworthy, dedicated and efficient – a real asset to our organization.

Senior Accounts officer


Talent and experience walk hand in hand with Shamaji , who always makes sure that children get the best of her. Her students love her as she is super-efficient, knows the subject well, has a stern exterior but a heart full of warmth and has a force field around her.

Grades 8-10: Hindi


Sharada is hard working, a willing learner, and an extremely open minded person who walks the extra mile to make her subject interesting. She is kind and sensitive, making it easy to empathize with the students. This silent supporter is sure to help us take this mission a long way.

Grades 6 & 7: Physics


A multi-faceted, straight forward, organized and disciplined all-rounder, Mr. Shlok is a person whom children would love to be with. He has the understanding and sincerity to stand for the beliefs of the organization.

Grades 9- 11: Commercial Applications, Grade 11: Commerce, Accounts, Business studies.


Pragmatic and reliable, Shobha has been with FKS since inception, and is one of the pillars of our institution. She has weathered several storms with an iron resolve and has proved herself to be indispensable. A child at heart, she has a great sense of humour and is much sought after by young and old for her endearing personality.


Shriya is a contradiction in terms: she is quiet and gentle, but also lively and quick. She is very perceptive and has the uncanny ability to seize the situation in a very short time and deliver results accordingly.

She has imbibed the FKS philosophy and always lives up to our high standards. Young though she may be, she has the wisdom that experienced people envy. A perfectionist, she is also sensitive to the capability of her students and has their best interests at heart. Simply put, where there’s fun and cheer, there’s Shriya.


A pleasant, lively, sincere worker Shruti is a reliable and dedicated team member and has added strength to the FKS family. Her love for her subject and her students is both admirable and inspiring.

Grade 1: Environmental Science


Sreenivas is an enthusiastic and energetic person, and loves to take up challenges. A person who loves to be with children, wants to give and get hands on experiences and prefers outdoor teaching to indoors. He is passionate about his job, and is always seen on campus with a smile on his face. He goes any distance to make sure children get the best. We’ve found a reliable, trustworthy and sincere teacher in Sreenivas.

Grades 8 -11: Physics, Chemistry & Maths


This book worm is very creative and is organized with her work. Subbu as she is finely addressed, is meticulous with a pleasing personality. It’s both entertaining and enlightening being in her presence.

Grade 5: English, Grades 1-7: Creative Writing


This lively, hardworking, dependable teacher is known for her fair play and someone who gives her best to every situation. Suhasini is cheerful, yet sports a calm exterior, and can be relied on in the toughest of situations.

Grades 4 & 5: Science


Observant, lively and practical about every situation Sujata is down to earth, mature and a dependable person. She is gentle yet firm and can reach out to every age group and help them understand themselves better. Sujju as she is fondly called, has an innate ability to get the pulse of any situation and has the ability to walk the extra mile to find the solution. Under her joie de vivre surface, lies a lady strong as iron. Sujata is a great support and friend one can always count on.

Grades 6 & 7: English, Grade 5: Geography, Grade 8: Creative Writing


Sincere, persistent, and a fountain of great ideas – that’s Taarika. Her willingness to learn makes her lead by example, especially for our younger ones. A team mate who can be totally relied upon Taarika instills a love for learning in her young wards.

Grade 2: English & Creative Writing


A dedicated teacher, she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Beneath the quiet, gentle surface lies a woman of steel. She constantly works at smoothening out the rough edges in any situation, thus helping herself and others around her. She has walked many miles with us and we are looking forward to many more.

Tulsi Padmaja

She is perceptive and quick on the uptake and one can expect the unexpected from her. She loves life and enjoys every moment of it. She grabs life’s problems by their horns will go to any lengths to give her support in what she believes is right.

Grades 3, 4, 5: Science; 9 & 10: Home science


A reliable, serene and benevolent lady who is fun to be with. She has the ability to look at any situation as a whole and understand it from different perspectives. She knows how to break up tense moments and knows how to coax a smile out of any sulky child. Sincere, committed and rises to the occassion no matter what the challenge. Comes as a highly recommended daily dosage!

Grade 6 – 11: Biology


This dependable, practical, determined lady enjoys every moment of life and spreads cheer around. She dotes on her students, understands their strengths and encourages them to do their best. No surprise that her children love her classes. Passionate, sensitive and hardworking Vinita is a strong pillar in the FKS family.

Grades 1 & 2: Mathematics