• Where is FKS located?
  • Our main school is located at the R.R District campus and the Playgroup school is located at the Jubilee Hills campus.
    Please click here for the addresses.

  • What are the playgroup school timings?
  • Play group: 9.30AM – 12.30PM
    Pre-KG and LKG: 8.30AM – 12.30 PM
    UKG: 9.30AM – 2.30PM
    The school works 5 days a week – Monday through Friday.

  • Do the children require uniforms?
  • Children are required to be in uniforms. Girls are advised to wear beige color tights under their uniforms, especially on days when Karate classes are scheduled. You can purchase the tights at Hypercity or Max. All hair accessories must be black in colour.
    Footwear: Please send your children to school in comfortable footwear that they can easily put on and take off by themselves. We do not encourage fancy footwear such as heels or shoes with complicated laces. Our handbook will have further details regarding uniforms and footwear.

  • What kinds of activities do the children participate in?
  • Children of all classes are taught basics of Music, Karate, Western Dance, and Singing. They will be required to participate in performances for various events, and will be asked to be regular for the rehearsals prior to the final performance.

    Performing Arts: Vocal / Classical Dance / Folk Dance / Drums / Mrudangam / Keyboard / Grade III and up: Guitar/Violin.
    Physical Activities: Karate / Skating / Basketball / Carrom /Football / Athletics / Handball Grade II and up: Chess/TableTennis.

  • What curriculum does the school follow?
  • FKS has designed our own curriculum for the elementary school: Playgroup through the Fifth classes. From the sixth to the higher secondary, we follow the ICSC curriculum.
    We do not follow prescribed text books for the lower classes, although the children will get homework.

    ISC Syllabus
    On careful assessment, we believe that ISC has an in-depth syllabus. This coupled with innovative methods will be a great advantage for students. We will be adopting the Indian School Certificate (ISC) syllabus at this point in time, amongst the various choices of syllabi.

    • ISC Syllabus
    • SAT classes in school
    • Common Entrance for professional courses (IIT, AIEEE etc.) preparation.
    • One hour sports everyday.
    • Golf
    • Working with a school that is catering to children below poverty line.
    • Yatching (being worked out)
    • Communication and presentation
    • Leadership programmes
    • These will be achieved through practical experiences from internships and projects undertaken by the students.

  • What about your support staff?
  • FKS has a strong support network of Aunties, Didis and Bhaiyyas, who are always present to take care of the children, especially the playgroup. You will find them in the kitchen encouraging a picky eater to clean up his plate, on the playground patching up a scratched elbow, and in the corridors, working to keep the facilities clean, and running efficiently.
    Trusted and loyal drivers who have been in the FKS for many years drive our fleet of buses.

  • Do the students of higher classes have to wear a uniform?
  • Yes, school and sports uniforms are available at the office, and all children are required to wear black multipurpose shoes.
    Winter Wear: You can purchase Navy Blue Jackets at the school office.

  • Where do we buy the books?
  • The school provides books, stationery, and required materials specific to each year.
    You will need to purchase textbooks separately whenever they are issued. Classes from playschool to fifth do not use books.

  • Do you provide meals at school?
  • We provide playgroup children with a healthy morning snack and milk. We provide a healthy wholesome lunch for all our children everyday. The food we serve is healthy, well balanced and nutritious. Water dispensers are located all around the main campus. Playschool children are served mineral water.

  • What about medical facilities?
  • We have a trained nurse at Puppalguda main campus available through the school hours. Our playschool is located in close proximity to a hospital.
    All our students undergo annual dental and ENT check-up's.