A day at FKS

All Aboard!

The day begins as the yellow FKS bus draws up to pick up the students at their homes. A designated Bhaiyya (as the fifty one drivers are addressed) and assistant help the kids into the buses and drop them off at school.

An interesting and reassuring fact is that Shailaja Rao, the Principal, considers it part of her schedule to periodically to follow the school buses to determine the safest and fastest routes.

Eat healthy!

Our students receive a well-planned, nourishing breakfast or snack to start their day. The kitchen is run by Mrs Leela Rao, an administrator, entrepreneur, and now a grandmother with the help of eleven Didis (elder sisters). The menu is designed with the idea that a growing child, a picky palette and, anxious parents are all to be taken very seriously.

A well-balanced diet can also be tasty and “yummy”: proof of pudding that that Mrs. Rao presents on a daily basis. In fact, her tasters are student volunteers and she takes suggestions and cooking help from the 11th graders as she plans the daily menu!

Together We Can!

The children assemble for the day, as the Principal, Shailaja Rao and the members of the Student Council help kick start the day with prayers and announcements.

The Assembly is held once a week in the vast grounds of the school, where the boulders that dot the grounds are not seen as obstacles, but rather used as props: a stage to stand on, sit on or play around.

To Live is to Learn!

Students file into their respective classrooms, where they turn explorers, scientists, humanitarians, historians, artists, speakers, singers and dancers. No stone left unturned, as teachers encourage, urge, and spur the children on reach their goals. Every child is treated as an individual, and every individual thought is acknowledged. All children are encouraged to participate in every activity: no child leaves the school wishing they’d been given that one chance to speak on stage or perform the funky dance they so wanted to. Our environment, ambience spawns that unique out of the box thinking that FKS is now renowned for.

Recess is the time to take a snack, (have a snack) stretch the (their) legs and fool around a bit. The grounds are completely safe, with security guarding the entrance (all the crucial areas). Play equipment specially built with different age groups in mind, is located at different facilities – separate for the Kindergartners and smaller classes, and larger grounds for higher classes.

Classes in session!

Classrooms are where the children are at work solving problems, digging for more questions, and deciphering tough world issues. Teachers assign projects that challenge the students to work at their pace, and encourage teamwork. Homework is discussed at length and teachers ensure that the students are confident of tackling it independently before they head home. Hence parental involvement is at best minimal, and for most part non-existent.

At FKS teachers and students place a high premium on independence. Students are proud of their success, especially when they arrive at it on independent effort.

Tomorrow is another day!

The bell rings at 3:30 PM, signaling the end of another busy day at FKS. Students file out to get in their respective buses to head home. Most kids have to be forcibly hustled on to their buses, for it with utmost reluctance that they leave the school. Such is the love our students have for the school and staff!

Leadership at FKS

FKS is committed to sending our children out as confident, contributing members of society. Towards this, we treat every child a leader, and every student a team player. They learn at an early stage to see the big picture and handle different personalities, a mere sampling though it may be, of what awaits them in the wide world outside of their school. Hence, it is imperative that these qualities are built into students through their growing years through multiple contexts and scenarios in school.

In their first and most important role as a student of FKS, they learn the importance of being a good leader and also choosing a dependable leader.

Take a look at how Leadership emerges in our school:

Grade 9: 31 Nominees (2013-2014)


  • 9th Grade Students
  • Teachers
  • 10th Grade Students

16 probable candidates

  • Verbal Interviews
  • Written Interviews
  • Academic performance

Interviews conducted by

  • 11th Grade Students
  • Teachers

8 shortlisted candidates: 4 boys/ 4 girls

These are contenders for the Head boy/girl, Deputy Head boy/girl, Super and Whiz Houses girl/boy Captains.

Campaigning through speeches and symbols.

Ballot day

FKS practices fair and peaceful elections, as the whole school participates in the excitement.

The 8 member leadership team then chooses their cabinet.

Members of the cabinet chosen from 8th Grade to take on various portfolios, to handle planning and execution of fairs, festivals, sports week, charity shows, and everyday issues around the school.

The Leadership team and their Cabinet is ably supported and guided by the Student Council, whose members are chosen from the 11th Grade and are elected through grueling interviews, group discussions, and simulations. The Council supports the Leadership team, handles their affairs when they are out of school, and provides support as and when the need arises.

Together, as one strong, responsible community we stand to safeguard what is ours.